Special Dr. Black Electric Velocipede offer

Well, issue 12 of Electric Velocipede is out. It contains my story Dr. Black and the Village of Stones. This is the 3rd story of mine to appear in EV. It is also the 4th Dr. Black story to be published.

To celebrate this, and lend my support to Electric Velocipede, I would like to extend a special offer.

Here it is:

I have 3 copies of my novella Dr. Black and the Guerrillia to give away to the next three people who take out a NEW 4-issue subscription to Electric Velocipede. The book is a limited edition (300 copies) signed and illustated hardcover.

Subscriptions to the magazine are 15 bucks I believe. This novella is valued at 20. So, basically, you pay less for the subscription than you would for the novella.

What you have to do:

Just e-mail me and tell me that you are subscribing, and give me your address, and all is done.

My e-mail is: huysmans67 [at] hot mail dot com

The EV site where you can go for your subscription is here:


Remember, this is offer is only good for the first 3 people who e-mail me!

What people have said about Dr. Black and the Guerrillia:

Dr Black And The Guerrillia is a bit of a romp. And it’s an engrossing one at that: the writing is evocative in some places and wryly amusing in others. The author also switches styles frequently, at times even approaching the dizzying info-bullets reminiscent of cyberpunk. It makes for an exhilarating read.

–David Hebblethwaite, The Zone

I’d be hard-pressed to pick my favorite parts of the narrative. I mean,
the encounter while “under the influence,” of some local druggery, with the God of Metanatural History ranks right up there. As does the slime molds playlet. As does the interior monologue leading up to Dr. Black’s possible shooting at the hands of a firing squad. It’s insanely wonderful stuff–daft, droll, and experimental in a fun way.

–Jeff Vandermeer

Anyone who enjoys dark quirky fiction and concise efficient prose would be well advised to check [it] out . . .

–Eternal Night

I consider myself lucky because I have in my hands one of these 300 books. The people of literature, those who love books as a form of art, and not only for their content, will definitely understand me. It is a publication on which extra care was lavished, so even simply leafing through it gives you a different sensation.

–Universal Pathways

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3 Responses to Special Dr. Black Electric Velocipede offer

  1. Steven Pearce says:

    Well, last month I took out the $100 “Benefactor Patronage” for spilt milk press, despite having a couple of issues of my current Electric Velocipede subscription to run. If that counts I’ll gladly have a copy of the book (I loved the Dr Black story in EV12).

    I live in the UK though – but I’d consider paying for the shipping (depending how much it is – I understand the US Postal service hjas stopped surface mail deliveries overseas). My address is:

    17 Foxglove Close
    United Kingdom
    AL10 8PH

    If you have a copy lft, and are disposed to send it – thanks. I’m on leave next week so won’t have access to a PC, so if you want to discuss postage they’ll be a delay.

    Whatevever happens, all the best & ‘ll look out for more of your Dr Black stories.



  2. brendanconnell says:

    Ok Steven, no problem. I am glad you liked the story in EV and hope you enjoy The Guerrillia.



  3. brendanconnell says:

    Ok, so these are all gone now. There are still copies for sale, here and there, but the ones related to EV are gone.

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