La notte brava

Director: Mauro Bolognini

Year: 1959

The screenplay of this film was by Pasolini and based on a novel he wrote. Basically it is the story of three young men who go about causing trouble-selling guns, humiliating prostitutes, fighting, stealing, etc. The cinematography is quite good, with many location shots around the outskirts of Rome. The script also is well done, though the lines are somewhat overly peppered with slangy banalities. The real drawback is that none of the principal characters are particularly interesting. The one exception is, possibly, Franco Interlenghi as Bella Bella. But maybe it is only his name that interested me. Fortunately, midway through, the great Tomas Milian appears. This is one of his earliest roles, before he made his mark in spaghetti westerns. He plays a rich fellow who drives a beautiful convertible and takes the thugs home with him. What follows is a very strange, vaguely homo-erotic scene of them all laying around on couches, eating (drumsticks?), listening to records and, with shirts unbuttoned, gazing at each other and getting rather too close.   



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