Books Bought etc.

It seems like every time I come to the US the book stores get more expensive. I am truly amazed at the prices people ask for used books. Anyhow, in Berkeley I saw a few things that were interesting, but most of them were out of my price range. And even though interesting, there was nothing particularly rare.

I bought the following:

  1. Aristotle: The Art of Rhetoric
  2. Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy
  3. Eugène Fromentin: Dominique
  4. Philostratus and Eunapius: Lives of the Sophists and Lives of The Philosophers

The last title is really the only one of these that truly interests me. The introduction and footnotes are truly amusing, as they constantly pan the very people Philostratus most admires, i.e. the Asianists. It reminds me a bit of a book I was reading some time ago called The Decadent Reader. I had already read most of the stuff in it, but as there were a few things that I hadn’t and so I picked it up. One of the best pieces in it was a short story by Jean Moréas. The person who wrote the introductory essay however seemed to think that his style was terrible, and even condemned his companion Paul Adam to “unreadability”. Never mind that these two could almost be called the fathers of Symbolism.


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