Jeff Vandermeer has a cool movie which you can see:
In conjunction with the release of Jeff VanderMeer's critically-acclaimed
novel Shriek: An Afterword in trade paperback from Tor Books, available from or your favorite local
bookstore comes a short art film with an original soundtrack by The
A city at war with itself. A night beyond imagining. And… aftermath. A
short indie film about memory and transformation by Finnish director J.T.
Lindroos, from a screenplay by Jeff VanderMeer, with an original soundtrack
by the legendary art-rock band The Church. The film opens with Shriek typing
up her memoirs from the backroom of a bar. Influenced by early surrealist
films. Set in Jeff VanderMeer’s fantastical city of Ambergris.
Voice cast includes Kathleen Martin as Janice Shriek and Steve Kilbey & Tim
Powles from The Church. With character images by Elizabeth Hand and Rick
Wallace, and art by Scott Eagle, Steve Kilbey, and others.
14 minutes [Allow the film to play to the end if experiencing bit rate
problems, and then replay.]
High-res/small screen

Lower-res/larger screen

The movie and more video and audio related to Shriek can also be found at:

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