Why Writing Fiction is Not a Profession

  1. Only something like 1 in 10,000 people who call themselves writers actually make a living at it (writing fiction). It could easily be fewer. Bank robbers have a higher rate of success.
  2. “Professionalism” itself is an offensive term that was invented by capitalist-corporate society. Unless you are a writer of capitalist-corporate fiction, you are not a professional.
  3. Look in the Help Wanted ads and you will not find anyone looking for a fiction writer. Anyone you don’t have to pay that is.

The incredible thing is that most writers I know actually approach writings as if it were a profession–as if labeling something a “profession” were honorable and calling someone “professional” a good thing. It probably is when talking about a lawyer or a doctor. But as far as a writer of fiction is concerned, it just isn’t.

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