Guess the Review

Regarding the blog-post below, there has been some speculation as to which review goes to which story. Thus far I have not told anyone. Instead I am offering a small contest: The first person to correctly guess all 3, I will give a copy of my book Dr. Black and the Guerrillia. If after 24 hours no one has guessed correctly, a fresh guess will be allowed, ad infinitum.


2 Responses to Guess the Review

  1. steven pirie says:

    As one of the Zencore authors, of course I’m itching to know if my story is one of your colours (not that I’d be able to admit to it!)…

    Thank you for enjoying Zencore whether my offering is to taste or not…


  2. brendanconnell says:

    Hi Steve,

    I will, momentarily, say which stories I was referring to in my review. I liked all the stories, though not necessarily everything about all the stories. But this is natural, as even my favourite books are this way! Some of my favourite books I can even, technically, find more to dislike than to like, but it doesnt stop me from liking them.

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