Parigi è sempre Parigi

Year: 1951

Director: Luciano Emmer

Paris is always Paris.

The story is simple: a group of Italians arrive in Paris for a French-Italian soccer match, and spend twenty-four hours in the city.

I am not sure if this film has ever made it to English language distribution, but if not it should be. For one thing, we have early appearances by both Marcello Mastroianni and Yves Montand, though the latter is actually playing himself, as a nightclub singer. But the star here is really Aldo Fabrizi, who brilliantly plays a husband trying to sneak off and find some action. In one scene, he somehow finds himself in the shop of a maker of mechanical birds (there is an unsaid joke here, as the word for bird in Italian also means….).

The script, by Sergio Amidei, one of the greatest scriptwriters ever, is extremely witty. It should be noted that both Amidei and Fabrizi worked with Rossellini on Roma, citta’ aperta.

locandina del film PARIGI E' SEMPRE PARIGI


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