It seems that now . . .

. . . even libraries are being outsourced.

This can’t be good for books. Of course libraries have been going down hill for years now anyway, so this kind of thing is to be expected.


2 Responses to It seems that now . . .

  1. jason d says:

    Well, it is quite disturbing, though. The whole idea behind public libraries is that they are publicly funded and for the public good. This helps insure a lack of private interest, which in turn helps insure the free access to all types of information. Turning library management over to a private, for-profit company is anathema to the core values of librarianship. Yes, it is somewhat to be expected, though. Privatization seems to be the trend these days. It is yet that latest in a long line of the current administration’s mania for privatization, be it the military, education, health care, etc. Won’t the world be a better place when we finally get profit to be the motive for all human endeavor?!

  2. brendanconnell says:

    One of the worst things is that a lot of public libraries are very focussed on main stream literature, throwing out or ignoring many of the world’s best writers. If a library is privatised, I would imagine it would be even more so.

    I could also see libraries veering even further away from books, to be even more internet, other media orientated.

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