Il Ritorno di Clint il Solitario

Director: Alfonso Balcázar

Year: 1972

Spanish director Alfonso Balcázar knows how to make a western. In the early days he worked on the scripts of the Ringo films and directed a number of the earlier spaghetti s. George Martin (who also had parts in a couple of the Ringo films) is the star here. It seems that this is the sequel to a film called  Clint il Solitario, which I have not yet seen.

Anyhow, the story is pretty standard, and is actually not really even worth relating. Is what makes this film work are two things:

1) A great musical score by Morricone

2) Klaus Kinski in his role as a bounty hunter

Being a Spanish western however, it was, as usual, put together on the cheap. Still, definitely worth watching for fans of the genre.




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