Il Consigliori

Year: 1973

Director: Alberto De Martino

English Title: The Counsellor

What an excellent film! The version I saw was horribly panned and scanned, but even so still proved to be extremely entertaining.

Basically we have a mafia godfather, Martin Balsam, and his lawyer godson, Tomas Milian. And Milian is, as usual, brilliant. The coolest actor of the 70’s. ¬†

I should also note that the version I saw was the Italian version, which means that Martin Balsam’s voice was not his own, but it also means that the dialogue was as it was originally intended to be, in Italian. Basically, I don’t know what the English version is like, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the dialogue wasn’t as good.

The director of this film also worked with Milian on the very bizarre Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza?—a film completely different, but equally outstanding.

This is a film that sorely needs to be released in a wide screen DVD version with optional English and Italian tracks with subtitles.


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