La Lunga notte di Tombstone

Original Title: Cronica de un atraco

Director: Jaime Jesús Balcázar

Year: 1968

The title of this makes it sound like a western, but it’s not, even though clearly it was being pushed as one in its original Italian release, due to the fact that Milian had recently become very popular as a western star. The Italian video cover (not shown here) even makes it appear to be a western and I have seen it put in lists of Euro westerns (apparently by people who never saw the film). 

Basically it is the story of a band of hoodlums led by Claudio Camaso that go to a town in the middle of the desert to rob some money. Tomas Milian, as Chino (very cool in a complete jeans outfit and high-tops), somehow gets involved in all of this and Anita Ekberg is the woman who runs the local bar.

This isn’t a great film by any means and it is extremely rare. The VHS version I saw was panned and scanned to such an extent that  sometimes no actors even appeared on the screen!

Still, for fans of Milian or low budget European cinema of this era, it might be worth hunting out. Also, the great Fernando Sancho, does a good job as Milian’s safe-cracker father and there is an, um, interesting score by Willy Brezza.

The pictures below are of the Thai and German movie posters:


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