The Moment of Glory Extract

Here is a clip from my story The Moment of Glory, available in Ruins Terra:

     That first sacrifice was a blood bath. He was adorned with a bright, down cape, his legs and arms decorated with died turkey feathers. He stood at the top of the sacred pyramid and watched as his minions dragged the victims up the steep steps. Some howled in terror, begging for mercy. Others, those who were not cowards, came forward without argument, ready to meet an honourable death.

     One by one they were tied to the sacrificial table. With a knife made from the sharpened snout of a swordfish, Montezuma performed the rights. He plunged the blade into their chests and plucked out their still beating hearts, then held them up to the sun, dripping with blood, as an offering. Laying them on tortillas of corn he consumed them, the warm essence of his enemies sinking into his belly.  


15 Responses to The Moment of Glory Extract

  1. thistle says:

    you make it so hard.

  2. brendanconnell says:

    Hard to . . . ?

  3. thistle says:

    I keep hoping you’ll post something sweet.
    Hard to actually get a good feel for your writing, because it’s so…viscious?
    You probably don’t do ‘sweet’…
    I decided at one point during the last story that you were capable at least of captivating a reader, for better or worse. Evoking visceral reactions.
    But I don’t want to be emotionally eviscerated.

  4. brendanconnell says:

    No, I don’t do sweet. I do however do good curries and roasted meats. The Dr Black stories are comic, as are a few others, such as this one here:

    Most of my lighter stuff is quite long to post on the web though…

  5. thistle says:

    okay, I forgive you for everything now.
    It’s charming, it’s precious, it’s clever, sophisticated–maybe even..sweet…just a bit.
    Good on the curry, too.

  6. brendanconnell says:


  7. thistle says:

    by the way, what’s the matter with sweet?

  8. brendanconnell says:

    Nothing. I like sweet; I just don’t do sweet.

  9. thistle says:

    okay. is it a guy thing?

  10. brendanconnell says:

    Not as far as I know.

  11. thistle says:

    you’re being willfully difficult, I’m sure.
    I suppose my scope of reading is much too narrow. I haven’t been exposed to anything quite so caressingly gruesome, if you know what I mean.
    And it makes me wonder.
    But that’s just me.
    I’ll quit pestering you if you like.

  12. brendanconnell says:

    Haven’t been exposed to anything quite so carelessly gruesome? Well, the same sort of thing happens, millions of times a day. Whether it is in war or a slaughter house. It isn’t my fault.

    I would also say that most of the films at the theatres are far more carelessly gruesome, in the sense that people get shot, blown up in cars, etc. without even the slightest acknowledgement that they are living beings.

  13. thistle says:

    I don’t go to the movies, and only rent semi-sophisticated comedies…
    No, we’re neither of us overt warmongers or capricious killers, I feel it’s safe to say.
    And, a gentle correction, not ‘carelessly’. ‘Caressingly’.

  14. thistle says:

    I was serious in my offer to quit pestering you, and remain so.
    But here I am.
    Because: a. I don’t mean to appear combative (pun intended) and
    b. I am curious about your work, because I am curious about people.
    I love language and delight in thoughtful people.
    I wanted to clarify. If I have been inept, please excuse, or forgive me.

  15. brendanconnell says:

    No, don’t worry. You are not pestering…

    Sorry about the mis-read. It was late when I saw it.

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