I Delfini

Director: Francesco Maselli

Year: 1960

A number of wealthy young people in provincial town in Italy. Dissipation. Drinking. Talking. Leading empty lives. A young woman from a poor background (Claudia Cardinale) wants to become part of their circle. Such is the plot.

The cast is quite interesting, featuring Betsy Blaire of all people as Contessa Rita Cherè. I say of all people, because it seems rather bizarre that the same person who played the homely girlfriend in Marty, here plays an “elegant” contessa, with her voice dubbed in Italian. And we also have Tomas Milian, who, as is the case with just about all the films he is in, steals the show, as the spoiled and perverse Alberto De Matteis.

One scene in particular stands out, where Milian is blazing down a narrow road in his Ferrari, narrowly missing road workers, women on bicycles etc. and finds himself behind an ambulance, honking his horn savagely before passing.

The black and white cinematography is truly excellent and the script, as far as I am concerned, leaves nothing to be desired.

This film would be perfect for a Critereon DVD release, as it is certainly as good as most of what they have put out, and better than many.  

i delfini


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