Recently Seen Films: Quick Comments

No Country For Old Men: Very good, though the last third doesn’t keep the pace quite like the beginning. Still, worth a look.

The Brave One: I lasted 10 minutes through this. Yawn.

The Host: Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. We should be grateful for Kang-ho Song, a truly wonderful actor.

Brothers: A bit of a let down. Hong Kong action flic with out much action and a too small role for Andy Lau.

Protege: A much better Anday Lau flic. Definately worth a look, though it is odd that both this one and brothers had unconvincing ‘ironic’ endings. A new Hong Kong trend?

Rescue Dawn: Good, but what’s with the Rah Rah ending and the rather bad score?

Charlie Wilson’s War: The first Tom Hanks film that I can actually say I liked. 


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