Director: Carlo Lizzani

Year: 1969

This is a real gem by Carlo Lizzani. Or maybe gem is the wrong word, as this is not a particularly refined, precious picture, but rather a choppy ride through Sardinia, where we follow the bandit Graziano (played by Terrence Hill) and his Spanish sidekick Miguel (played by Don Backy) as they kidnap the children of rich land owners and hold them for ransom. The whole is done in a semi-documentary style, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it relates real events. This is actually the best role I have seen Hill in, and it is a real shame he did not do more like it. As for Don Backy, he is always interesting to watch. To further add to the great cast, there is Frank Wolff, who masterfully plays a sleazebag lawyer.

Great cinematography. Great score, by Don Backy, interestingly enough, who seems to have had some kind of reputation as a singer in the 60s. Yet another film definitely in need of restoration and proper DVD release.  


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