Health care plans: Clinton, Obama

Ok, a lot is made about Universal Healthcare. It sounds good. It would be good. But….

I live in Switzerland, and here we have a plan very much like that proposed by Clinton. I can tell you first hand, that it is not all that wonderful. In the past six years I have paid much more in health insurance than the benefits I have received. And that is including a good number of doctor’s visits, medicine, and even an operation.

Rich and poor both pay the same. There is really no equality. There are subsidies, but only for the very, very poor. There are caps, but there are also minimum amounts that the insurance companies cannot charge beneath.

I am all for everyone having health insurance, but it should be something that is government issued. Otherwise the ones who benefit are the health insurance companies.

Her plan on the surface seems more appealing, but in reality I think Obama’s is better.

Just for a note: I voted for Mr. Edwards . . .   


One Response to Health care plans: Clinton, Obama

  1. af says:

    swiss health care system was good once, social & universal. now it’s getting too expensive and it’s creating two classes: people who can pay and be taken care of; people who cannot pay and have only the very minimum care guaranteed.

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