Cimitero senza croci

Original Title: Un Corde, un Colt

Director: Robert Hossein

Year: 1968

This one is sort of borderline. It has a lot going for it: great music, creative cinematography, lots of spurs jingling, some great gun fights, and Hossein, who both stars in and directs it, seems to have a good grip on the mechanics of a proper western. In places however it seems to try a bit too hard (such as a five minute scene where no one says a word and a dramatic Spanish guitar is playing-but not much is really happening-a lot of tension for a scene that is not really all that tense). I watched it in Italian, though the original was French (an Italo-French production actually).

Anyhow this is an OK film. It is not great though, despite what some might say.



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