Another Batch of Recently Seen Films

Resurrecting The Champ: Terrible. Awful. Don’t see it. Unless you like milk-toast maudlin trash, don’t see it.

The Bourne Ultimatum: I liked this one.

Zatoichi Meets The One Armed Swordsman: Probably the weakest entry in the Zatoichi series. Still, worth a look as it does have some good parts, such as when Zatoichi meets another blind masseur, who is a total idiot.  

Into The Wild: Couldn’t handle it. Maybe it was a good film. The first 20 minutes were just too boring to make me want to find out.

Run Fat Boy Run: Funny. Stupid, but funny.

Tiger Cage: This is a Hong Kong film from the 80s. Aside from some really great fight sequences, pretty rambling and probably worth a miss, unless you are a kung-fu completist.


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