Cat Cacciatore

A conversation I had today:

“What did you do yesterday?”

“I cooked lunch for my family. Polenta and roast beef. I prefer rabbit but my children don’t like it. I also like cat but they don’t like that either.”

“Cat with polenta?”


“What kind of sauce?”

“Cacciatore. With tomato sauce.”

“Where do you get the cats?”


“Is it good?”

“If the cat is good, then yes. You don’t want a domestic cat that has been raised on food from a can. They need to eat mice and snakes.”

. . . . Now, I know that this cat is a specialty of the area I live in (Ticino), but I have not yet been actually offered it.


4 Responses to Cat Cacciatore

  1. I laughed at your article entitled ‘Cat Cacciatore.’ My name is Cat Cacciatore and I always thought of myself as a tasty Italian dish 🙂

  2. brendanconnell says:

    Your name is Cat Cacciatore? As in Catarina or Catherine? Maybe I need to revise my post and make it gatto alla cacciatora. There is always a danger in mixing languages. In Italian these sauces are called “alla cacciatora” but for some reason in English we say “cacciatore”…. Anyhow…hmmm.

  3. I am Catherine…Cat for short. Cacciatore is my married name, which I kept although I am divorced. I kinda like it. It gets me work. Cacciatora means ‘hunter’ in Italian, which I am sure you already know. I do make a mean Chicken Cacciatore, though but have not even thought about making my pets into that dish…until now (j/k).

    But do let me know if you get a taste of the famous Italian dish made with kittens (ack!)

  4. brendanconnell says:

    Sure….The dish is actually from the Italian part of Switzerland though, rather than being actually Italian. Usually people from this region will eat anything.

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