Ringo del Nebraska

Year: 1966

Director: Antonio Román / Mario Bava

Z-list Ringo film that has garnered some micro-cult status due to Mario Bava apparently taking over direction after the assigned director got fired.

The Good: The music. The score by Nino Oliviero, complemented by nice Spanish lyrics, is about the only thing that keeps this film moving. In one scene Ringo shoots a guy’s ear off. Piero Lulli as the villain Carter. This actor has appeared as tons of bad guys and is good at it. The one thing I kept wondering though is why he was wearing a leather biker’s jacket in the middle of the desert.

The Bad: Lacklustre cinematography. The setting is supposed to be New Mexico, but in the background the ocean keeps creeping in. The furniture breaks far too easily and the sets are shoddy.

The Ugly: Ken Clark, who plays Ringo. This guy not only sucks as an actor, but it seems that due to the fact he was a body-builder, directors felt compelled to have him take off his shirt and show his hairy chest in every film he was in.

La locandina di Ringo del Nebraska

4 Responses to Ringo del Nebraska

  1. lucius shepard says:

    Hey Brendan

    if you want a visit from moi, let me have your phone number. I lost it in the last computer crash.

    Hope to see you…


  2. brendanconnell says:

    Hey Lucius,

    Do you still have the same e-mail? I’ll try emailing it to you. If not I’ll leave it here.

    When are you coming out?

  3. Bruce Sholley says:


    I guess that’s why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Ken Clark showing his hairy chest is my idea of paradise. He has initiated many a fantasy. I especially love his eurospy flicks. Good acting is not a requirement for eurotrash-all it takes is a hairy chest and tight buns.

  4. brendanconnell says:

    Hey Bruce – Well, yes, clearly you are not alone. I have a huge number of hits on this post from people searching “Ken Clark hairy chest”. So, I guess he is in the fantasies of many. To be truthful, he is one of the few of that circle who didn’t seem to wax themselves…I guess in the long run it paid off!

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