Formula 1 – Nell’Inferno del Grand Prix – 1970

Dullness on four wheels.

This film is really bad, but it is difficult to say exactly in what category of badness it falls, due to the fact that the version I saw was on VHS, with a very muddy, washed out transfer and panned and scanned to the point where one could rarely even tell who was speaking. Many scenes just showed the actors arms, with their faces being completely cut off.

Anyhow, the basic deal is Brad Harris is lumbering around some car races and people die. A woman played by Olinka Berova sleeps around. Graham Hill is in it, which is sort of interesting. But not very. I found myself picking up a book and reading it while watching the film which is something I don’t normally do.

Normally the Italians are very good at filming cars, but this one just didn’t take off.

This one is directed by Guido Malatesta but he is credited as “James Reed”. I suppose that they wanted people to believe it was an English film.


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