More Film Notes

Zombie vs. Ninja: The low water mark of lousy films. If one can get past the silly costumes, terrible dialogue and complete lack of plot however, it is an interesting experience and does have some decent action sequences.

Be Kind Rewind: Funny. But funny in a way that is relatively low-key. Recommended.

L’Ingorgo: This film takes place entirely in a traffic jam somewhere outside of Rome. Though not quite at the level of the best surreal Italian masterpieces, it is still very watchable, especially as it has an excellent cast. I am not sure if it is available in English, but it should be.

Swing Girls: This is a comedy about a group of Japanese students who form a Jazz band. Great stuff.

Ogro: Starring Gian Maria Volontè, this Italian Spanish co-production deals with a group of Basque separatists planning the assassination of Carrero Blanco. Pretty much every aspect of this film is top-notch. See it if you can.


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