See You Next Tuesday, The Second Coming

My story Rood has just come out in a book called See You Next Tuesday, The Second Coming. If you buy it from the publisher directly (as per link) it is only 10 bucks, so give it a try. The huge list of contributors is as follows:

  1. Brendan Connell (Switzerland)
  2. Aryan Kaganof (South Africa)
  3. Steve Finbow (UK)
  4. Jónas Knútsson (Iceland)
  5. Lyttleton (CA, USA)
  6. Aaron Burch (MI, USA)
  7. David Gianatasio (MA, USA)
  8. Jimmy Chen (CA, USA)
  9. John Roberts (VA, USA)
  10. David E. Oprava (UK)
  11. Lannice L. Montague (CA, USA)
  12. Paul Kavanagh (NC, USA)
  13. Vanessa Gebbie (UK)
  14. Casey Anderson (WA, USA)
  15. Chelsea Martin (CA, USA)
  16. Davina Owombre (Nigeria)
  17. Elizabeth Ellen (MI, USA)
  18. Michael Fowler (OH, USA)
  19. D.M. Schwartz (CA, USA)
  20. E.P. Chiew (UK)
  21. Mary McCluskey (UK)
  22. Tom Sheehan (MA, USA)
  23. Randall Brown (PA, USA)
  24. Marie Shield (CA, USA)
  25. Sara Crowley (UK)
  26. Melissa Lee (UK)
  27. Mary Lynn Reed (MD, USA)
  28. Bonnie ZoBell (CA, USA)
  29. Tria Andrews (CA, USA)
  30. Donna D. Vitucci (OH, USA)
  31. Terri Brown-Davidson (NM, USA)
  32. Debbie Ann Eis (CT, USA)
  33. Garrett Socol (CA, USA)
  34. Zachary Vora (CO, USA)
  35. Douglas Campbell (PA, USA)
  36. Grant Perry (UK)
  37. Leslie Jamison (CT, USA)
  38. Harold Jaffe (CA, USA)
  39. Kevin Ó Cuinn (Germany)
  40. Blake Butler (GA, USA)
  41. Erich Mulhall (Canada)
  42. J. A. Tyler (CO, USA)
  43. Errid Farland (CA, USA)
  44. Justin Taylor (NY, USA)
  45. Kevin Sampsell (CA, USA)
  46. Vincent Louis Carrella (CA, USA)
  47. Savannah Schroll Guz (VA, USA)
  48. Douglas Lee (China)
  49. Lee Klein (PA, USA)
  50. Steven Coy (CA, USA)


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