Tarantino = Yawn

Ok, so Tarantino is remaking Castellari’s Quel maledetto treno blindato.

The original starred Bo Svenson. The new one will star Brad Pitt. The actor who can’t act.

Tarantino seems to think he is paying a tribute to Italian cinema by ripping it off. Is what he is really doing is showing how little creativity he has. This will make three films in a row that he has essentially pinched from other sources as he tries his hardest to be a hack. A hack with a big budget, whish is sort of like a millionairess turning prostitute for the fun of it, not because she has to. Is what Tarantino fails to understand is that part of the charm of Castellari’s films and the other Italian films he strives to imitate, is that they were done on very small budgets.

Tarantino’s last picture, Death Proof, I could only sit through about five minutes. This next one I won’t even bother with.

Suggestion: Tarantino, quit writing your own scripts. You clearly have forgotten how.


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