McCain is Benji

. . . and then I got taken and kept in a cage long time ago my friends a long time ago and now my friends I never did kill enough gooks if I could just drop some on that country my friends bordering that other Iraq or Afghanistan or what borders Pakistan my friend Mushisname drop some on the Persians or Koreans or anyone as long as I can get another house to hit my head against and then Cindy my friends came and I put my nose in her hair and it smelled like carrots hot carrots or hay love my money mean country so much my friends I know I got small eyes can anyone tell I’m lying friends I never did like vegetables arugggg um too much and then I got put in a cage and now I have to get him my friends just can’t mention color Cindy is blonde and I like my friends blonde make me feel good and smell like carrots if I can just remember something kill someone or everyone but I was in a cage listen everybody I was in a cage my friends let me speak ’cause I was in a cage . . .     


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