Fast Ships, Black Sails

This book, which contains my story We Sleep on a Thousand Waves Beneath the Stars, is now available for order here.

The official blurb and TOC are as follows:

Do you love the sound of a peg leg stomping across a quarterdeck? Or maybe you prefer a parrot on your arm, a strong wind at your back? Adventure, treasure, intrigue, humor, romance, danger–and, yes, plunder. Oh, the Devil does love a pirate–and so do readers everywhere.

Swashbuckling from the past into the future and space itself, Fast Ships, Black Sails, edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, presents an incredibly entertaining volume of original stories guaranteed to make you walk and talk like a pirate.

Come along for the voyage with bestselling authors Naomi Novik, Garth Nix, Carrie Vaughn, Dave Freer, Michael Moorcock, and Eric Flint, as well as such other stellar talents as Kage Baker, Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear, Steve Aylett, and Conrad Williams—all offering up a veritable treasure chest of piratical adventure, the likes of which has never been seen in the four corners of the Earth. Highlights include a brand-new Garth Nix Sir Hereward & Mr. Fitz novella, as the two clever ne’er-do-wells storm the sea-gates of the scholar-pirates of Sarkoe.

If ever you had a yearning for adventure on the high seas, now’s the time to indulge it, with Fast Ships, Black Sails. You’ll return with a sword shoved through your sash, booty in a safe harbor, and beer on your breath. We promise.

Introduction: “Raising Anchor” – Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
“Boojum” – Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette
“Araminta, or, The Wreck of the Amphidrake” – Naomi Novik
“Avast, Abaft!” – Howard Waldrop
“I Begyn as I Mean to Go On” – Kage Baker
“Castor on Troubled Waters” – Rhys Hughes
“Elegy for Gabrielle, Patron Saint of Healers, Whores and Righteous Thieves” – Kelly Barnhill
“Skillet and Saber” – Justin Howe
“The Nymph’s Child” – Carrie Vaughn
“68˚06’N, 31˚40’W” – Conrad Williams
“Pirate Solutions” – Katherine Sparrow
“We Sleep on a Thousand Waves” – Brendan Connell
“Pirates of the Suara Sea” – David Freer & Eric Flint
“Voyage of the Iguana” – Steve Aylett
“Iron Face” – Michael Moorcock
“A Cold Day in Hell” – Paul Batteiger
“Captain Blackheart Wentworth” – Rachel Swirsky
“The Whale Below” – Jayme Lynn Blaschke
“Beyond the Sea Gate of the Scholar-Pirates of Sarskoe” – Garth Nix


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