And yet more . . . films . . .

Belve feroci (1984): I expected this to be better than it was. In the end though, 90 minutes of crazed animals killing people wasn’t very entertaining.

I Giorni di Commissario Ambrosio: A very good mystery starring Ugo Tognazzi. This one should be released to an English speaking audience.

Sparrow: Flashy but dull. I seriously question Johnny To’s abilities.

Cannibal holocaust: I must be seriously jaded, because I didn’t see much to shock me in this one. Personally I thought Deodato’s Ultimo mondo cannibale, was a far superior film. For shock and disgust value, there are a few mondo films floating around out there that are really far, far worse. 

Infernal Affairs 2: A good film. Let’s just hope it doesn’t receive US remake treatment.

Ninja Killer: When Hong-Kong meets Turkish cinema you know you will be entertained. Just don’t look for anything vaguely resembling coherence. The belly dancing is nice though.


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