Famous Quote:

July 25, 2009

He shaved every day, and since boyhood had always used a poultice of moist bread to prevent the growth of his beard.


Life of Otho

Wee Comments on Venice Biennale Pieces

July 24, 2009


This one by Miguel Barcelo could be good, though it is hard to tell from the photo. Large anyhow.

There just aren’t enough ways to say suck.  Artist Charles Ray seems to be looking for some kind of Greek purity here, but a naked boy with an inflated belly and a frog in his hand does not good art make.

Bruce Nauman is famous, but at least he deserves it. Mudras anyone?

Chinese artwork has been going downhill for the last 1,000 years, and Huang Yong Ping seems intent on making things stay that way.

Dead Souls update

July 19, 2009

A while back I posted that a story of mine was going to be in Dead Souls from Morrigan Books. My story was first accepted back in 2007. The editor wanted me to make some changes to the story (I thought for the worse). I made them. Then the editor I was working with was off the project and another came in. I think I might have made some more changes. Frankly I don’t remember. Anyhow: Lots of e-mails, “Let’s get excited! “Woo Woo”.

Frankly, I was not that excited:  I have lots of stuff published, and this for me was just another story.

Then a few weeks ago there was the final TOC. This is two years after my story was accepted.

The publisher said the book would be out in a week or two or some such thing.

I wasn’t holding my breath.

Then, a week later, I get news that my story and a few others the copy editor thought needed complete re-writes and the publisher agreed. Maybe I could rewrite it and maybe it could be in another book.

Or maybe not.

You just dont hold someone’s stuff for that long and then decide it needs major editing or a rewrite. You tell them that before you accept it.

The reason I am writing this is not out of anger. Frankly I don’t care that much. But I have seen a few folks searching my name in connection with this book, and I already publicly mentioned my story would be in the book, and it is best to let it be known about the way certain publishers operate.

As an ironic afternote, about a week ago I got a spam on my Facebook account urging me to buy the book.

fil-ms see-n

July 16, 2009

I ragazzi dell’Hully Gully: This is a film that is in Italian but go ahead and watch it if you don’t speak Italian. No subtitles needed as the film has about 10 lines of dialogue. The rest is music. Some good, some awful.

The Ghost Cat of Otama Pond: When I started watching this I kept wondering if I had already seen it without realising. No, I hadn’t. It is just so much like other Japanese ghost/ghost cat films of the early 60’s that it is hard to tell the difference. Some good stuff all the same though, with very dream like sets and the usual ghost cat agitations.

Brüno: Saw it, liked it.

Crystalbrain, l’uomo dal cervello di cristallo: This is a Spanish film that I saw dubbed into Italian. The original, and more appropriate title is Trasplante de un cerebro. For brain transplant enthusiasts only. It has  Frank Wolff in it, and when one thinks that he committed suicide only a year after making this film, a certain amount of sadness comes along with a viewing: seeing such a talented actor having to make a living by being in such a truly bad film.

Quest for the Mighty Sword:  This is the 4th film in the Ator series, though IMDB mistakenly says it is the third. Anyhow, all Ator films are bad, but this one is just miserable. That director Joe D’Amato managed to take time off of his busy schedule of making porn in order to indulge in these fantasy epics is not really a good thing.

Dieci italiani per un tedesco: A good but very heavy film. The story is about a group of partisans killing 32 nazi soldiers with a bomb. The Germans decide that 10 Italians need to die for every German.

An Extract…

July 3, 2009

This is an extract from a novel I am in the process of finishing up:

Bottles ranged on shelves against a mirrored wall barman working vigorously making coffee pouring drinks washing dishes / skinny pimp leans on the counter / man smoking a pipe reads a newspaper and Clark sat, the humiliation or anger or regret of what had happened with Susan still their, lingering, like a bad odour that followed him wherever he went and maybe the only way he could really wash it away was to throw himself into some new role, throw himself away and be recreated as something if not the opposite of what he had been at least with the quality of spirit that enables one to face difficulty and danger with firmness—not the difficulty and danger of being cheated on, because that had been almost a relief, but to face his own lack of renown with something resembling courage.