Dead Souls update

A while back I posted that a story of mine was going to be in Dead Souls from Morrigan Books. My story was first accepted back in 2007. The editor wanted me to make some changes to the story (I thought for the worse). I made them. Then the editor I was working with was off the project and another came in. I think I might have made some more changes. Frankly I don’t remember. Anyhow: Lots of e-mails, “Let’s get excited! “Woo Woo”.

Frankly, I was not that excited:  I have lots of stuff published, and this for me was just another story.

Then a few weeks ago there was the final TOC. This is two years after my story was accepted.

The publisher said the book would be out in a week or two or some such thing.

I wasn’t holding my breath.

Then, a week later, I get news that my story and a few others the copy editor thought needed complete re-writes and the publisher agreed. Maybe I could rewrite it and maybe it could be in another book.

Or maybe not.

You just dont hold someone’s stuff for that long and then decide it needs major editing or a rewrite. You tell them that before you accept it.

The reason I am writing this is not out of anger. Frankly I don’t care that much. But I have seen a few folks searching my name in connection with this book, and I already publicly mentioned my story would be in the book, and it is best to let it be known about the way certain publishers operate.

As an ironic afternote, about a week ago I got a spam on my Facebook account urging me to buy the book.

2 Responses to Dead Souls update

  1. benpeek says:

    man, that’s a bummer, but i can’t say i disagree with your decision not to rewrite. that’s just an annoying hassle.

  2. brendanconnell says:

    Well, publishers need to say that sort of thing before they accept a story. I mean, if there are some minor things, it isn’t a big deal. But a story is accepted on the premise that it is basically good. Like I said, I don’t care all that much, but think it is better to be transparent about what is going on out there, since as we both know there is a sort of a wall of silence surrounding publishers since us authors in general are such a desperate lot that we will alow ourselves to be screwed from the front and the back without saying anything for fear of the dreaded “BLACKLIST”.

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