Polyphony 7

December 17, 2009

I didn’t post this before, so I am now:

In 2002, the Polyphony anthology series debuted. Conceived as a short fiction venue for stories that would skate gracefully across the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and literary fiction, it was quickly recognized as the standard bearer for cross genre work. Since then, the series\’ six volumes have become a vital, unique collection of voices in literature of the fantastic.

Polyphony has been twice nominated for a World Fantasy Award and the stories therein have been featured in several \”Year\’s Best\” anthologies, along with garnering accolades from several award judges and committees. Polyphony authors range from multiple-award-winning seasoned writers to the previously unpublished. The series is truly a melodic interweaving of many voices: old and new, speculative and literary, heralded and unknown. Polyphony has not merely crossed literary boundaries, it has reformed and redefined them.

The harsh economic climate threatens to kill this vital series. Wheatland Press is asking for your help.

The authors have graciously made concessions to make Polyphony 7 a reality. They\’ve agreed to a reduced pay rate to see the volume published. Now we need readers.

In order to publish Polyphony 7, Wheatland Press must receive 225 paid pre-orders via the website by March 1, 2010. If the pre-order quantities cannot be met, Polyphony will cease publication.

If the preorder number is met, then Polyphony 7 will be published on or about July 1, 2010.*

We have heard from many in the SF/F literary community that Polyphony is a vital part of landscape. We agree, but we cannot continue without your support. We hope that you will support our fine authors and their art by becoming part of the Polyphony community and pre-ordering a copy of Polyphony 7.

*The fine print: If we do not receive enough orders by March 1, then all preorders will be refunded immediately. Do feel free to buy another Wheatland Press title while you are stopping by the website! Those will, as always, ship immediately.


December 16, 2009

A story of mine is in this anthology from Ex Occidente Press. The book looks like it should be good. It is already almost sold out I believe, so get a copy quickly if you want one. The table of contents is:

Portrait in an Unfaded Photograph, John Howard
The Weimar Spider, Colin Insole
Pulvis Lunaris, or, The Coagulation of Wood, D.P. Watt
The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold, R.B. Russell
The Black Metaphysical, Reggie Oliver
Meyrink’s Gambit, George Berguño
On Consideration of the Muses, Eric Stener Carlson
Pocátek Románu: A Flutter of Lorn Love, Albert Power
Feet of Clay, Head of Fire, Richard Gavin
The Antediluvian Uncle, Rhys Hughes
The Chymical Wedding of Des Esseintes, Brendan Connell
Her Magnetic Field, Adam Golaski
The Autumn Keeper, Mark Valentine
Modern Cities Exist Only to be Destroyed, Michael Cisco
The House of Sleep, Stephen J. Clark
The Multiples of Sorrow, Steve Rasnic Tem
The Age of Decayed Futurity, Mark Samuels
White Souls that March in the Astral Light, Jonathan Wood
The Cabinet of Prague, Mark Beech
The Cylinder of Shunyakasha, Adam S. Cantwell
The Light Invisible, The Light Inaccessible, Peter Bell
Tzimtzum, Quentin S. Crisp
The World Entire, Ron Weighell