A change in programming

My book The Architect was due out this year from Enigmatic Ink. For  reasons which I will not go into here, this book will no longer be published by them, but by PS Publishing in the UK, in late 2011, rather than this year. This is all for the best, as I already have Metrophilias and the forthcoming Unpleasant Tales this year (plenty to deal with there), and am happy to be working with the good folks at PS, who publish outstanding books.


4 Responses to A change in programming

  1. Evans says:

    Hello Brendan

    Would you favour us with some cryptic hint into this book’s theme or contents? I meet Pete Crowther this last weekend and asked him about it but, alas, no new information was forthcoming.

    All the best,



  2. brendanconnell says:

    Sure Dan,

    I don’t want to give too much away, but here is some information.

    The length is just shy of a novel. So, it is a long novella, or short novel.

    The location, for the most part, is southern Switzerland (Ticino), with bits in other places.

    The story centers around architect Alexius Nachtman—–an extreme eccentric, a visionary—and his dealings with the Körn Society. So, basically, it is a dark architectural fantasy.

  3. Evans says:

    Thanks Brendan, I’ll look forward to it along with the collection Quentin’s publishing next year.

    All the best,

  4. brendanconnell says:

    Thanks Dan.

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