Metrophilias Quiz!!!



Metrophilias Quiz!

Match column A to B to C

A                                   B                                    C

Zipophilia Mice Mobile
Albutophilia Cold Ho Chi Minh City
Merinthophilia Sermons Kampala
Chrysophilia Mummies Yekaterinburg
Homilophilia Deafness Kobe
Achluophilia Mud Cairo
Aulophilia Flutes Ebersvalde
Maniaphilia Bees Lamia
Brontophilia Speed Yakutsk
Knissophilia Incense Naypyidaw
Lithophilia Gold Lanzhou
Hirudineaphilia Archery Beni Suef
Anacusiaphilia Insanity Pessinus
Xerotephilia Water Tucuman
Toxophilia Birds Nottingham
Phthirophilia  Leeches N’Djamena
Ornithophilia Lice Lhasa
Melissophilia Darkness Venice
Suriphilia Thunderstorms Hamelin
Psychrophilia Sand Derinkuyu


Send results along with full disclosure to:

Makulu Quiz Processing League

Plot no. 5019, Saise Rd.

Rhodes Park


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