A pair of . . .


1) The Agony Column says nice things about Unpleasant Tales, one of which is:

“Connell is nothing if not inventive, diverse and sublimely witty. The stories you’ll find in ‘Unpleasant Tales’ are, to the extent that they will make you feel uncomfortable in every way that you can made to be feel uncomfortable, horror stories. But in terms of content, you’ll find an alarmingly unfettered exploration of what we are by virtue of revealing who we are.”

2) Nathan Lea, at The Future Fire, talks about Metrophilias:

“The lavish, beautiful and ekphrastic descriptions of the settings in which these tales are told, the wealth of immersive storytelling that truly captivates the reader and eases them into caring about the characters in such short stories, the honesty about the wish to keep reading and open mindedness that it demands of the reader, and the detail that the stories go into in terms of mapping desire and raw physical need to a credible piece in an incredible and often outrageous premise are especially noteworthy.”

One of the interesting parts of this review is that he wonders about how women might react to the book, being that most of the protagonists are male. Of the 36 pieces in the book, 12 either have a female protagonist, or are non-gender specific. Before publication I also wondered about who would like/dislike it. So far, the things I have heard have been overwhelmingly positive, both from men and women. Here is a link to a female POV and here is another.


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