2 things

1. a rather odd-ball review of The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories for Antiquated Children at Open Letters. I can’t quite decide if it is positive or negative.

2. a story my wife and I translated from the Italian, by Luigi Ugolini, will be published in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s forthcoming: THE WEIRD: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Fictions. I am very excited that Ugolini’s tale will be introduced to new readers in English.

2 Responses to 2 things

  1. Hi Mr Connell,

    I’m reading your Unpleaseant Tales and ejoying immensely; you have such an imagination and a way with words that makes me feel… well, happy and hopeful about the future of the weird fiction(:
    I love the symbolism and the decadent feel of your stories; your sense of humour is strange and delightful.
    Putrimaniac is a gem of weirdness and grotesquerie…Sickly beautiful!

    Many thanks for your words and stories.

    Ramon Bacelar – from Brazil

  2. brendanconnell says:

    Hi Ramon,

    Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying the collection and find it humorous also – I think that is the way it was intended, which some people sort of miss.

    Best regards,


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