Kodagain – You got to be a cowgirl

May 29, 2013

This song by Kodagain, which I wrote the words to, currently sits in the no.2 position on Studio B (radio Belgrade)

John Connell Kickstarter

May 27, 2013

There are only 4 days left to support this Kickstarter effort for a book on my father’s art, so please do lend your support.

37. sculp_bigfish

Kodagain – Planting Crosses

May 26, 2013

Kodagain – Planting Crosses

John Connell Kickstarter

May 18, 2013

13 days left on this Kickstarter for a book on my father’s art and writing and 51% funded… Any help on this is appreciated…

Kickstarter: John Connell, Why do I still have eyes?

May 14, 2013

Remember to support this project!

Kodagain – Sounds Sweet

May 14, 2013

Kodagain – Jorōgumo

May 8, 2013

John Connell Book

May 6, 2013

Go support this Kickstarter I am doing for a book on my father’s art and writing.

2. Buddha, 1994, wood, wire, sand, tar, spray paint

Kodagain – Parnasius

May 5, 2013

John Connell: Why do I still have eyes?

May 1, 2013

I just launched a Kickstarter to help fund a book of my father, John Connell’s art.
The rewards include art of my father’s, as well as people he collaborated and showed with such as Eugene Newmann, Dana Newmann, Sam Scott, Allan Graham and Gloria Graham.

Click here for details