The Cutest Girl in Class: More Pre-Order Offer Magic

Hiegroglyphic Press, the mother ship behind Snuggly Books, is offering yet another sweetener to the pre-order offer.

Pre-order “The Cutest Girl in Class” before August and you can also purchase any, yes ANY, already published Hieroglyphic titles at 25% off. You can order as many books as you like this way, except Sacrum Regnum bundles are limited to one per customer for this offer.

All orders will be shipped together with “The Cutest Girl in Class” – in other words you will have to wait until Cutest is being shipped for the other books to be shipped as well.

This offer, of course, is also open to those who have already pre-ordered the book.

Please contact: evans_lichamleas [at] yahoo [dot] com for further details.

To sum up, preorders will receive:

  1. a copy of “The Cutest Girl in Class”
  2. a personalized purikura sticker
  3. 25% off any other Hieroglyphic press titles ordered at the same time (or before August for those who as of this posting have already pre-ordered)

The pre-order price for “The Cutest Girl in Class” is £30 (this includes packing and postage anywhere in the world)

Here is the current catalogue of Hieroglyphic titles:

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