Flavorwire, Lives of Notorious Cooks

Flavorwire lists Lives of Notorious Cooks amongst the 50 Essential Novels for Foodies.

Second “best-of-type-list” this month… Anyhow, a sort of interesting list.

Funny that some guy who thinks he owns the two English words “Great Chefs” wanted to sue over the original title. So petty.


Basic CMYK


2 Responses to Flavorwire, Lives of Notorious Cooks

  1. eibonvale says:

    Someone actually threatened to sue over ‘Great Chefs’? For real?

  2. brendanconnell says:

    yes, the original title was Lives of Great Chefs, but there is some tv show and product line that claims to own this as their trademark… So we just changed the name since Chomu hadnt the resources for a court battle. I found the threat fairly uncharming though. Basically, it is a shame, because also what they trademarked as “great chefs” were not really the great chefs like in this book… they are just modern semi-celebrity type people…. being made to look bad by this product line.

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