three things I don’t write (& three things I do)

Rhys Hughes tagged me in this blog meme thing… So here is my shot at it.


Generally speaking, I try not to put limits on what I do or don’t write about. I think I probably could and should write about everything. That said, there are some things I shy away from.


So, three things I don’t write (about):


  1. I don’t write fantasy. Yes, I realize that most of my books are categorized as fantasy, or dark fantasy. But fantasy means something apart from reality, and everything I write about is true.
  2. I don’t write about the future. At times I have pondered writing about the future, but in the end find myself so bored about the idea that I just can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t really like to read books about the future, so why should I bother writing one?
  3. I don’t get involved with ‘expertly drawn characters’. The whole concept of character building seems rather childish to me. It is like painting a silly face on a paper box. The so called ‘characters’ that people like to praise are nothing more than stage props, bearded men howling in dresses.


And, three things I do write (about):


  1. Style. Yes, yes, everyone has style. But for most people it is just part of the whole package. It is also subordinate to plot, and the above mentioned ‘characters’. For me however it is the most important thing. Style can make the most dull idea interesting. Without it, even a great concept becomes unreadable.
  2. I do write about the hidden universe. This one is sort of hard to explain, but I suppose the idea is sort of mystical. The hidden universe, in its most base form, might be something like a secret society. In its more subtle aspects, it has to do with the power of inanimate objects or the unfathomable impulses that drive actions.
  3. The tapestry of existence. This sort of falls in with style, but is not the same thing. The idea here tends towards the maximalist. It means that all the little details in the world are brought to the forefront and given equal importance. It is, in essence, the opposite to ‘character building’, since with this approach you simply point the way and don’t pull people forcibly along the trail.


I tagged Jason Rolfe in this.



3 Responses to three things I don’t write (& three things I do)

  1. […] Brendan Connell challenged me to write about three things I don’t write about, and three more things that I do write about. The problem was, the very first thing on my list of things I don’t write about is “lists of three things I don’t write about” – needless to say, I had to revise my list in order to participate in this blog experience. I wouldn’t do that for just anyone, either, so when you’ve finished reading this and you’re feeling somehow cheated out of five minutes of life, blame Brendan! […]

  2. paulobrito says:

    Just read it. Love it.

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