Greatest Cooking

December 13, 2013

don’t forget about this book

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Flavorwire, Lives of Notorious Cooks

November 27, 2013

Flavorwire lists Lives of Notorious Cooks amongst the 50 Essential Novels for Foodies.

Second “best-of-type-list” this month… Anyhow, a sort of interesting list.

Funny that some guy who thinks he owns the two English words “Great Chefs” wanted to sue over the original title. So petty.


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Lives of Notorious Cooks: NoveList

November 19, 2013

At NoveList Bethany Latham gives a run down of seven food-centered historical novels and includes Lives of Notorious Cooks.

Lives of Notorious Cooks review

November 7, 2013

Over at Ijustreadaboutthat, Paul Debraski reviews Lives of Notorious Cooks.

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Lives of Notorious Cooks at Innsmouth Free Press

April 16, 2013

Jesse Bullington reviews Lives of Notorious Cooks at Innsmouth Free Press.


Lives of Notorious Cooks is one of those rare delights that should appeal to most anyone who enjoys good writing.”

Lives of Great Chefs

April 22, 2012

My book Lives of Great Chefs will be published by Chomu Press toward the end of this year.