Metrophilias available

June 14, 2016

Metrophilias is now available on Amazon.

Waldo: a Metrophilia

March 1, 2011

A film a friend and I made

A very nice review

February 25, 2011

of Metrophilias at Readingbetweenthewines.

Kelly, the reviewer, says, “Overall, I would have to say that this book has the potential to be regarded a literary masterpiece and, in my opinion, could be included in the curriculum of a college level literature course.”

I am imagining 50 students in Oxford sitting around discussing the book.

Fluidity of Time on Metrophilias

February 9, 2011

Review here.

Extracted sentence: “Disturbing, and mind-sticking.”

Rome: a Metrophilia

February 7, 2011

From my book Metrophilias


A group of rich men convened together. They lay on couches arranged around low tables. They drank and they ate.

“My wife has got herself a lover,” one man said. “An ex-gladiator. An Egyptian with powerful shanks.”

“My wife’s lover is a poet.”

“Mine has a Greek slave who she keeps perfumed.”

“The lover of my wife,” a certain wealthy merchant by the name of Labrax said, “is kept in a pool on our courtyard.”


“It is an octopus, with eight muscular arms, each one designed for love.”

“Well,  a happy wife means a happy husband,” said a certain senator, rolling a grape languidly between his plump fingers.

Metrophilias review

February 2, 2011

at Gently Read Literature.

Venice: a Metrophilia

January 31, 2011

Yekepa: a Metrophilia

January 30, 2011

Rio de Janeiro: a Metrophilia

January 30, 2011

Asimov’s / Metrophilias

November 16, 2010

Paul Di Filippo gives Metrophilias a nice review at Asimov’s, saying, in part:

“Connell’s assured writing might call to mind such fellow-travelers as Jeff VanderMeer, Darren Speegle, Clark Ashton Smith, and even Italo Calvino.”

In good company! This is the third or fourth review that has compared this book to Calvino.