Metrophilias e-book Free

December 18, 2017

The kindle version of my book Metrophilias is free through this Friday.

Rome: a Metrophilia

February 7, 2011

From my book Metrophilias


A group of rich men convened together. They lay on couches arranged around low tables. They drank and they ate.

“My wife has got herself a lover,” one man said. “An ex-gladiator. An Egyptian with powerful shanks.”

“My wife’s lover is a poet.”

“Mine has a Greek slave who she keeps perfumed.”

“The lover of my wife,” a certain wealthy merchant by the name of Labrax said, “is kept in a pool on our courtyard.”


“It is an octopus, with eight muscular arms, each one designed for love.”

“Well,  a happy wife means a happy husband,” said a certain senator, rolling a grape languidly between his plump fingers.

PS Publishing: The New and Perfect Man

July 6, 2010

PS Publishing has just released the TOC to Postscripts 24/25: The New and Perfect Man, which contains my 12,500 word story Dr. Black, Thoughts & Patents.  The list of authors on this one is really outstanding. Due out in December. TOC as follows:

  • “The New And Perfect Man” — Carol Emshwiller
  • “Frightened Angels” — Jeremy Adam Smith
  • “To See Infinity Bare” — Rudy Rucker & Paul Di Filippo
  • “Electric Breakfast” — Paul Meloy
  • “A Crack In The Ceiling Of the World” — Michael Kelly
  • “The Dog Parade” — Lawrence Person
  • “The Last Heretic” — Darrell Schweitzer
  • “The Story Of Princess Rosebud” — Alan Peter Ryan
  • “The Inn Of Distant Sorrows” — Thomas Tessier
  • “A Moment At the House” — T.M. Wright
  • “Whisper” — Richard Calder
  • “The Primate Sanctuary” — Quentin S. Crisp
  • “Call Me” — Bob Strother
  • “So Loved” — Matthew Hughes
  • “Confessions Of A Tyrant’s Double” — Gregory Norminton
  • “The Girl On Mount Olympus” — Christopher Fowler
  • “Euphoria” — Robert Reed
  • “Christ The Painter”– Allen Ashley
  • “Your Golden Hands” — Andrew Hook
  • “The Ghost Of Lillian Bliss” — Rio Youers
  • “Ashes In The Water” — Joel Lane and Mat Joiner
  • “Child Of Evil Stars” — Anne-Sylvie Homassel
  • “Her Fingers Like Whips, Her Eyes Like Razors” — Jay Lake
  • “Dr. Black, Thoughts & Patents” — Brendan Connell
  • “The Room Beyond” — Ramsey Campbell
  • “Thrownness” — Adam Roberts
  • “Imago” — Keith Brooke
  • “The Vorkuta Event” — Ken MacLeod

  • Tractate of Graceful Clouds and Gay Phoenixes

    April 26, 2010

    This piece of mine is up here at HTLMGIANT.

    Last Drink Bird Head

    August 23, 2009

    …is on its way.

    A charity anthology for literacy, edited by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer.


    Daniel Abraham
    Michael Arnzen
    Steve Aylett
    KJ Bishop
    Michael Bishop
    Desirina Boskovich
    Keith Brooke
    Jesse Bullington
    Richard Butner
    Catherine Cheek
    Matthew Cheney
    Michael Cisco
    Gio Clairval
    Alan M. Clark
    Brendan Connell
    Paul Di Filippo
    Stephen R. Donaldson
    Rikki Ducornet
    Clare Dudman
    Alistair Duncan
    Scott Eagle
    Brian Evenson
    Eliot Fintushel
    Jeffrey Ford
    Richard Gehr
    Felix Gilman
    Jon Courtney Grimwood
    Rhys Hughes
    Paul Jessup
    Antony Johnston
    John Kaiine
    Henry Kaiser
    Caitlin R. Kiernan
    Tessa Kum
    Ellen Kushner
    Jay Lake
    Tanith Lee
    Stina Leicht
    Therese Littleton
    Beth Adele Long
    Dustin Long
    Nick Mamatas
    JM McDermott
    Sarah Monette
    Kari O’Connor
    Ben Peek
    Holly Phillips
    Louis Phillips
    Tim Pratt
    Cat Rambo
    Mark Rich
    Bruce Holland Rogers
    Nicholas Royle
    G Eric Schaller
    Ekaterina Sedia
    Ramsey Shehadeh
    Peter Straub
    Victoria Strauss
    Michael Swanwick
    Mark Swartz
    Alan Swirsky
    Rachel Swirsky
    Sonya Taaffe
    Justin Taylor
    Steve Rasnic Tem
    Jeffrey Thomas
    Scott Thomas
    John Urbancik
    Genevieve Valentine
    Kim Westwood
    Leslie What
    Andrew Steiger White
    Conrad Williams
    Liz Williams
    Neil Williamson
    Caleb Wilson
    Gene Wolfe
    Jonathan Wood
    Marly Youmans
    Catherine Zeidler

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    Cern Zoo

    June 18, 2009

    I got my copy of Cern Zoo today. A nice book. Out of the nine issues of  Nemonymous, I am in three…which is nice.

    The Green Flash

    May 30, 2009

    I just got some copies of a zine called The Green Flash; with a story of mine called The Horse Shrine.


    November 6, 2008

    My story The Last Mermaid just came out in Dutch translation in the magazine Wonderwaan. So, I guess it has been done in French and Dutch now… 

    Dr. Black at Red Demon Temple

    June 30, 2008

    I sold this story to Wheatland Press, for their Polyphony 7 anthology.

    The Tongue in Spanish

    June 19, 2008

    My story The Tongue has been translated into Spanish, as La Lengua, and is up at La Idea Fija.