January 6, 2012

Adam Groves reviews Polycrates at

Robert Butterfield reviews Unpleasant Tales and Metrophilias in Dead Reckonings, a quote pulled here at the Eibonvale Blog


Polycrates Cover

January 6, 2011

The cover of my forthcoming book from Chomu Press. Painting by my father, John Connell, design by Anil Nataly at Big Eyebrow.

Justin Isis / The Life of Polycrates

December 18, 2010

Justin Isis kindly provided the following blurb for my forthcoming book from Chomu Press, The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories for Antiquated Children:

“With the yellow flag of Neo-Decadence lofted high, Connell exhumes the corpse of Mother Image and heaves it rank and rotting onto the tidy flowerbed of realist fiction. With their emphasis on sensation, texture, furnishings, and the nervous system, through the perceptions of characters ranging from ancient Greek tyrants to etiolated English aristocrats, libidinally-tormented popes, transvestite big-game hunters and Des Esseintes himself, The Life of Polycrates is a baedeker of the resurgent stylistic impulses linking the fin-de-siecle past to the Ornamentalist future.”