Dr. Black

The following is a list of the Dr. Black stories published so far:

Dr. Black and the Guerrillia

300 Copy Limited Edition Novella

83 pages

Published by Grafitisk Press in 2005

Dr Black and the Guerrillia

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Dr Black And The Guerrillia is a bit of a romp. And it’s an engrossing one at that: the writing is evocative in some places and wryly amusing in others. The author also switches styles frequently, at times even approaching the dizzying info-bullets reminiscent of cyberpunk. It makes for an exhilarating read.

–David Hebblethwaite, The Zone

I’d be hard-pressed to pick my favorite parts of the narrative. I mean,
the encounter while “under the influence,” of some local druggery, with the God of Metanatural History ranks right up there. As does the slime molds playlet. As does the interior monologue leading up to Dr. Black’s possible shooting at the hands of a firing squad. It’s insanely wonderful stuff–daft, droll, and experimental in a fun way.

–Jeff Vandermeer, author of City of Saints and Madmen

Anyone who enjoys dark quirky fiction and concise efficient prose would be well advised to check [it] out . . .

Eternal Night

I consider myself lucky because I have in my hands one of these 300 books. The people of literature, those who love books as a form of art, and not only for their content, will definitely understand me. It is a publication on which extra care was lavished, so even simply leafing through it gives you a different sensation.

Universal Pathways

A Season with Dr. Black

In Leviathan Three

Ministry of Whimsy, 2002

Leviathan Three

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Dr. Black in Rome

In Album Zutique

Ministry of Whimsy, 2003

No. 1 (Album Zutique)

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Dr. Black and the Village of Stones

In Electric Velocipede No. 12, 2007

Electric Velocipede  issue 12

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Red-Haired Man in a Sweater

From the Private Papers of Dr. Black

In Heliotrope No. 3, 2007

Heliotrope Magazine

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13 Responses to Dr. Black

  1. […] the saga of myself and Brendan Connell will be interested to see this next stage.  On his blog, Oxygen, we’d been having a discussion about my reviews of his books.  He said he’d send me […]

    • Bobbie says:

      This comment is hidden to you.My vote is to release with the new bits if it is not going to take too long. It’s always nice to get more than you expected. I like to over deliver when I ship my jewelry by always including something neat and unnx;ected.  • &nbspp  • &ebsp;This comment is hidden to all users except to its author!

  2. […] by brendanconnell in Uncategorized 0 Here’s the deal. I have five signed copies of my book Dr. Black and the Guerrillia ($20 value) which I will give away to the first five people in the US who buy the hardcover of […]

  3. chris ward says:

    Loved Red-Haired man in a Sweater. Beautifully written. When the cat ate the dog that sounded like a bird was probably my favorite part.

  4. brendanconnell says:

    Thanks Chris. That should be part of the forthcoming Dr. Black collection from PS Publishing – which will finally put all the Dr. Black material (including unpublished work) in one easy-to-reach place.

  5. […] Brendan Connell’s Dr. Black stories (like the one in issue #12 for example) come to mind. There be scenes in these stories that seem unrelated to the rest of the narrative thread. But, when you finish the story, you realize that they helped elucidate another scene in the story. […]

  6. Jodhan says:

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  7. Roger Silverstein says:

    Will “Dr. Black at the Red Demon Temple” (originally slated for the defunct Polyphony 7 anthology) be included in the forthcoming PS Publishing Dr. Black collection?

    • brendanconnell says:

      Well, Polyphony 7 was never actually published. But yes, this story will be in the Dr. Black collection.

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