Cannibals of West Papua reviewed at Bibliofagia

September 5, 2015

In English

In Portuguese

Cannibals in Real Time

August 13, 2015

Des Lewis is doing a Real Time Review of Cannibals of West Papua over at his Dreamcatcher site.

Cannibals of West Papua back from the printer

August 1, 2015

Zagava has got this book back from the printer, so it will be shipping in the next few days I imagine.

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Cannibals of West Papua review

July 13, 2015

The first review of Cannibals of West Papua has come in, by Seregil of Rhiminee at

I quote:

“It’s one of the most intriguing and well written adventure novels you’ll ever have a chance to read.”

Cannibals of West Papua on sale

July 11, 2015

Cannibals of West Papua is now available for order. There are only 100 numbered copies and 26 lettered.

“The numbered edition is bound in beautiful dark-green, handmade Asian Lokta paper with a leave-pattern unique to each book. Price is 80.00€ plus 8.00€ for international recorded airmail delivery = 88.00 Euro. (slightly less than 100.00U$ in total)”

“The 26 lettered exemplars are bound in finest dark-green leather with debossed gilt titles and an embossed leaf pattern, different from the numbered edition. Price is 260.00€ plus 8.00€ for international recorded airmail delivery = 268.00 Euro. (slightly less than 300.00U$ in total)”

The website:


March 9, 2015

Zagava has updated their website with some details about Cannibals of West Papua.

Cannibals of West Papua

March 7, 2015

I am happy to announce that Zagava Press will be publishing a limited edition of my novel Cannibals of West Papua. This is a sequel to The Translation of Father Torturo. More information soon.