The Galaxy Club reviewed at the British Fantasy Society

January 28, 2015

The website of the British Fantasy Society has put up a review of the Galaxy Club.


The Galaxy Club available

January 23, 2014

Though this book has not launched yet, it appears has The Galaxy Club in stock.


Final cover for The Galaxy Club

January 13, 2014


This is the final version… of The Galaxy Club.


January 30, 2012

Contents of the forthcoming Chomu Press Dadaoism anthology:


1 ‘Portrait of a Chair’, by Reggie Oliver
2 ‘Autumn Jewel’, by Katherine Khorey
3 ‘Visiting Maze’, by Michael Cisco
4 ‘The Houses Among the Trees’, by Colin Insole
5 ‘Affection 45′, by Brendan Connell
6 ‘M-Funk Vs. Tha Futuregions of Inverse Funkativity’, by Justin Isis
7 ‘Spirit and Corpus‘, by Yarrow Paisley
8 ‘Timelines’, by Nina Allan
9 ‘Jimmy Breaks up with His Imaginary Girlfriend’, by Jimmy Grist
10 ‘Body Poem’, by Peter Gilbert
11 ‘Testing Spark’, by Daniel Mills
12 ‘Noises’, by Joe Simpson Walker
13 ‘Romance, with Mice’, by Sonia Orin Lyris
14 ‘Grief (The Autobiography of a Tarantula)’, by Jesse Kennedy
15 ‘Orange Cuts’, by Paul Jessup
16 ‘Instance’, by John Cairns
17 ‘Kago Ai’, by Ralph Doege
18 ‘Fighting Back’, by Rhys Hughes
19 ‘Nowhere Room’, by Kristine Ong Muslim
20 ‘Koda Kumi’, a Justin Isis re-mix of ‘Italiannetto’ by Quentin S. Crisp
21 ‘The Lobster Kaleidoscope’, by Julie Sokolow
22 ‘The Eaten Boy’, by Nick Jackson
23 ‘Poppies’, by Megan Lee Beals
24 ‘Abra Raven’, by D.F. Lewis
25 ‘Pissing in Barbican Lake’, by Jeremy Reed
26 ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicides’, by Jeremy Reed

TLOP review

March 30, 2011

Paul Debarski reviews The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories for Antiquated Children at I Just Read About That.


“…this collection has really opened my eyes to Connell’s diversity.”

The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories For Antiquated Children

March 23, 2011

My new book The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories For Antiquated Children is now available from Chomu Press.

Chômu Press

September 19, 2010

The book of mine Chomu Press will be publishing next year is called “The Life of Polycrates and Other Stories for Antiquated Children.” Information can be found here.