The Galaxy Club review

August 3, 2014

There is a little review of The Galaxy Club over at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library Blog.

I quote: “It’s addictive reading—funny, clever, quickly paced, and incredibly weird.”


Lemonade Cooks

April 29, 2014

Over at Lemonade25 there is a very friendly review of Lives of Notorious Cooks.

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Greatest Cooking

December 13, 2013

don’t forget about this book

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Lives of Notorious Cooks: NoveList

November 19, 2013

At NoveList Bethany Latham gives a run down of seven food-centered historical novels and includes Lives of Notorious Cooks.

Lives of Notorious Cooks at Innsmouth Free Press

April 16, 2013

Jesse Bullington reviews Lives of Notorious Cooks at Innsmouth Free Press.


Lives of Notorious Cooks is one of those rare delights that should appeal to most anyone who enjoys good writing.”

Historical Novels Society features Lives of Notorious Cooks in their “editor’s choice” section

February 5, 2013

The review is here.

I quote: “I would recommend this book to everyone. I absolutely loved it, and it will stay on my bedside table for many months to come.”

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Lives of Notorious Cooks released

December 5, 2012

Today is the launch date for Lives of Notorious Cooks. Here is Chomu Press’s post on the matter.

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Lives of Notorious Cooks you must

November 23, 2012

Lives of Notorious Cooks is now in stock at

Lives of Notorious Cooks – Booklist

November 15, 2012

Lives of Notorious Cooks got its first review today, in Booklist. A very positive review, from which I quote:

“Avid foodies may exploit Connell’s fantasies as entertainment to regale fellow diners following an especially boozy repast.”

The Book Depository is currently offering a very good deal on pre-orders for this title.


Lives of Notorious Cooks

July 29, 2012

My forthcoming book ‘Lives of Notorious Cooks’ will be released by Chomu Press on December 5th. Currently it is available for pre-order in the UK at Amazon and internationally at the Book Depository.