February 7, 2011

Adam Groves says nice things about my two 2010 books, Metrophilias and Unpleasant Tales, over at the Fright Site. (scroll down down down)

Agony Column Review

June 6, 2010

Rick Kleffel, over at the Agony Column, has a double review of Animythical Tales by Sarah Toton and my own Metrophilias.

In it he says:

“‘Animythical Tales’ and ‘Metrophilias’ are both sturdy, slim books that you’ll read quickly but not forget soon. There’s a feeling that these books were thoroughly vetted, that the publishers made a deliberate decision to publish them with the idea that they would find an appreciative audience.”

Click here and scroll down to read the whole review.

Metrophilias by Brendan Connell


Metrophilias /

May 5, 2010

Adam Groves, over at, has a very favourable review of Metrophilias, which he concludes with the following, very flattering comment:

“Brendan Connell must be counted as one of the most unique and talented purveyors of horror/fantasy/unclassifiable fiction currently at work. While his fertile and expressive prose can become downright Byzantine on occasion (as in the noggin-scratching “Havana”), there’s little doubt that, based on METROPHILIAS, this writer is in a class—and category—of his own.”

Metrophilias cover

Metrophilias x 2

May 5, 2010

Here at Camp Connell it is all Metrophilias all the time. Another review, this time by the Denver Books Examiner, has appeared.

Amongst many other things, he kindly says:

“With his collection of fascinating Kafkaesque fables for adults, Mr. Connell has impressed me as a rising star in 21st century weird fiction.”

Metrophilias /

April 29, 2010

Over at Seregil of Rhiminee has this to say about Metrophilias:

“…it was almost impossible to stop reading..”


“…Metrophilias is a fascinating and original short story collection, which can be recommended to readers who want to read something different (it’s difficult to find similar collections).”

Cover of Metrophilias

April 9, 2010