The Metanatural Adventures of Dr. Black

June 17, 2014

My Dr. Black book will be out soon from PS Publishing. They haven’t posted a page for it yet, for ordering, but I am sure they soon will. A good bit of the material in it was previously published elsewhere, but the book itself doesn’t indicate where or when. I have therefore decided to post this here on my blog. Mind you, the book also doesn’t have an author bio.


So, here is the table of contents:


1. Introduction by Jeff VanderMeer – previously unpublished


2. A Season with Dr. Black – previously published in Leviathan 3, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Forrest Aguirre, Ministry of Whimsy 2002


3. Fragment Group A – previously unpublished


4. Dr. Black and the Guerrilla – previously published by Grafitisk Press, 2005


5. Fragment Group B – previously unpublished


6. Dr. Black in Monte Carlo – previously unpublished


7. Red-Haired Man in a Sweater, From the Private Papers of Dr. Black – previously published in Heliotrope Magazine, edited by Jay Tomio, 2007


8. Fragment Group C – previously unpublished


9. Dr. Black and the Village of Stones – previously published in Electric Velocipede, edited by John Klima, 2007


10. Dr. Black, Thoughts and Patents – previously published in A New and Perfect Man, a Postscripts anthology, edited by Nick Gevers and Peter Crowther, 2011


11. Fragment – previously unpublished


12. Dr. Black in Rome – previously published in Album Zutique, edited by Jeff VanderMeer, Ministry of Whimsy 2003


13. Fragment Group D – previously unpublished


14. Dr. Black at Red Demon Temple – previously published in a Dutch translation in Wonderwaan, edited by Marcel Orie. This story appears here in English for the first time


15. Variety – previously unpublished


Connell Dr.Black jacket