Comments on films I’ve seen recently

January 18, 2009

All’ombra di una Colt: A good western. Well, a mediocre western, truth be told, but the music, by Nico Fidenco, elevates it beyond what the actors or script are able to do.

Pride and Glory: Was this supposed to be a good movie?

Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi: If you can get beyond the annoying music, this one isn’t half bad.

Il Paese del sesso salvaggio: A good film. It is a shame that it is on the “must see” list of cannibal films, because I think that crowd can’t really appreciate all the interesting non-cannibal moments.

The Game: I thought this Korean thriller was pretty interesting. Great acting and very good production values.

Red Peony Gambler: Here to Kill You! (1971)

January 6, 2009

This is the seventh number in the series.

I found this one to have a much more interesting plot than the others I have seen, as the story is centred around a factory that is polluting the local water supply and therefore destroying the local rice crop, the livelihood of the villagers. The Imperial Army is backing the factory, as they are preparing for war with Russia and castigate those who complain as anti-patriotic.

Though a bit slow to begin with, the last thirty minutes or so are quite good, with the finale being one of the bloodiest and most interesting in the series.

Ip Man (2008)

January 1, 2009

I just saw this film and have to say that it is, hands down, the best action film to come out in 2008….Though I guess it will have a 2009 US release?

Anyhow, Donny Yen, brilliantly plays the legendary wing chun master Ip Man, famed for later becoming the teacher of Bruce Lee. This story however is set earlier and has some very realistic fight scenes (choreographed by Sammo Hung), one in particular being excellent, where he takes on 10 Japanese karate fighters.

See it.