The Translation of Father Torturo

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In 1263, when the vault containing the body of St. Anthony was opened, thirty-two years after its original interment, the flesh had turned to dust, but the tongue was in a perfect state of preservation. For almost eight-hundred years it was kept mounted on a pin. But now it has been stolen. Padua, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. . . . Father Torturo, the neo-decadent anti-hero, moves through a modern Italy reeking of incense and filth. In an adventure stained with magic and garnished with cruelty, he travels on an ambitious journey to popedom, where the only laws that restrain him are those of his own artistic taste.

The Translation of Father Torturo 

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“…a gleefully subversive modern gothic.” —Publishers Weekly

“The Translation of Father Torturo has to be the most original book I have ever read – no exceptions.” Lesley Mazey, Eternal Night

“Connell tells about Torturo’s rise and fall in a very smooth writing style, now humorous now overtly horrific, always entertaining, never boring. He displays an uncanny insight of the Vatican’s secret intrigues surrounding a pope’s election, a good knowledge of the atmosphere and the topography of the major Italian cities and, more in general, a deep knowledge of the vices and weaknesses of human nature.”        Mario Guslandi, Eternal Night

“The Translation Of Father Torturo is a fine excursion into the darker reaches of fantasy.” David Hebblethwaite, The Zone

“The story of Torturo’s rise, fall and ultimate triumph is a kind of anti-hagiography, a gothic tale of dark splendor that is sure to appeal to any reader with a taste for the forbidden.” —Matt Staggs,

“If you start reading it, you are not going to put it down before you get to the final page.” —George Sothiros, Universal Pathways

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  1. […] of this book, The Translation of Father Torturo. The synopsis said (and this is taken from his website In 1263, when the vault containing the body of St. Anthony was opened, thirty-two years after […]

  2. […] The Translation of Father Torturo […]

  3. […] The Translation of Father Torturo […]

  4. Alguem poderia conseguir a letra da música
    All ombra di una colt de Nico Fidenco?


    • brendanconnell says:

      Há uma disposição cd. Se você estiver em Portugal, deve ser fácil de encontrar através de um distribuidor italiano.

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